Flavor Innovation Team

Our creative and talented Flavor Innovation Team utilizes their expertise in flavor creation built in more than 25 years. The knowledge and experience gained from decades of research allow us to meet the extensive demands from our customers.

Application Technology Team

The quality of our flavors in various applications is one of the critical features in our flavor development. Our Application Technology Team excels in innovative methods to apply our flavors in various applications in food and beverages. We ensure that the taste and aroma of our flavors are in prime quality in the final food and beverage products.

Bakery Technology Team

In our Bakery Technology Team, pastry chefs and product developers collaborate to create innovative bakery products using our flavors. Our team also support our customers by providing solutions to challenges that they encounter in applications of our flavors in their bakery products.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

To ensure product safety and quality, we follow strict quality assurance procedures that guarantee the highest control at critical points in the production process. Moreover, we implement a Total Quality Control system to maintain the consistency and high standard of all products.



Our company holds ISO 22000-2005 certification and Halal status certified by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI). We follow good manufacturing and good warehouse practices to ensure high quality products for consumers.

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