PT. Delion Citra Dinamika at InterFOOD 2017

PT. Delion participated in the ASEAN Food & Beverage Expo called  Interfood 2017 - Inspire Food Business, from 22 to 25 November 2017. There were more than 50,000 visitors attending this event which showcased the latest trends specifically in bakery and desserts.

During the Interfood Expo, PT. Delion had showcased various flavors and food colors applications to the newest trends of bakery products, beverage, and desserts. Some of our showcased products include taro velvet cake, coffee vertical roll cake with  peanut butter panacotta, green banana cake (traditional desserts of pisang ijo that was transformed into mousse cake panacotta),  bubble gum latte, matcha latte, GOL mocktail, and many more.

In this event, we also had a chance to show our capabilities in innovation of flavors based on years of experience in flavor creation and production technology. As a flavor house, we are capable of producing flavors from aromatic chemicals. These capabilities enable us to be innovative in our flavor creations, as well as surpass local competitors that are mostly semi-compounder or compounder.

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